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Updated: 2023/09/24

Digital Declutter

I have finished Cal Newport's Digital Declutter challenge and I'm really glad I did. Digital marketing and algorithms can so easily creep into our lives making us more and more, like invasive tree roots. I'm slowly adding back things into my digital diet. First video games and music streaming, but with a lot more intention than before. I'll have to put together some sort of uses page, but the digital tools I'm using now are: PuTTy for my server, call, texting, email, chatGPT, and YouTube, Wikipedia, Discord ocassionally with a feed of blogs I skim through once a week.


I am steadily working through freeCodeCamp's core curriculum. I finished the web design certification and I'm just about to finish the one on Vanilla JavaScript. This stuff is hard! I'm thinking when this is all done I'd like to specialize in something a bit more niche, but I'm not quite sure yet. I'm still at a beginner level with all of this, but I'm excited to see where it takes me.

Quartet Recital

On October 23rd I'll be in a saxophone quartet concert at University of Tampa at 7pm. Fun music with fun people. Maybe I'll see you there??


I'm still working at Engage fi and I really like it there. I have some really interesting I'm working on and we have an amazing culture.

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