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Updated: 2024/02/22

Tampa Bay FCG

Over the past six months I have been playing so much Street Fighter 6. The community in the Tampa area has some of the nicest and best players in the country. Right now I'm getting ready for Tampa Never Sleeps 9 in March, Gamers on the Edge 9 in May, then Community Event Orlando in June. Lots of games and lots to learn.


I'm restarting my meditation practice again. Ten minutes a day. I've let myself off the hook, but there are still alot of lessons to learn from it. As Joseph Goldstein says "simply begin again."

CAPM Certification

With the support of my co-workers I'm working towards getting my Certified Associate in Project Managment (CAPM) certification. I think it's important to learn professional skills regularly and since I'm on the project management team, I think pursuing this makes sense right now.


I'm still working at Engage fi and I really like it there. I'm the system admin of the tool we use called Smartsheet. I get to interact with people all across the company to build tools and get the right data to the right places.

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